Busy, Busy, Busy

So in case you don’t hear from me this weekend…

Friday: Work and then off to the Orange County Fair for an evening of food, fun and more food. This is the one time of year when the Rules of Healthy Eating go out the window and I enjoy myself. How can you not with all those foods on a stick?

Saturday/Sunday: I am going camping with The Kid at a local park and will only have my phone. This will be our first camping trip so it should be interesting and a lot of fun. For a small fee, everything is provided so we won’t have to worry much about anything.

With that, I’m off to eat breakfast, make my lunch and then head to work. Make it a great weekend!

UPDATE: The Fair was pretty much a bust this year. While we got in for $5, half off the standard price, I just wasn’t into it this year. I mean, really not into it. Two reasons come to immediately come to mind:

  • My favorite food vendors weren’t there, which was a real bummer. No Egg Roll on a Stick, no Ten Pound Buns, no cream puffs–on a stick or not. Pretty depressing since this is the one time of year I let my healthy eating habits slip and allow myself to indulge.
  • This new job of mine pays half of what I used to make, which equates to half the fun. We didn’t even go do the normal free things this time around; we just wanted to leave a few hours into it. And that’s pretty sad.

All in all, it was a rather dismal trip to a place I used to enjoy very, very much.

Thanks for the layoff, Learning Tree. You’ve made my life so much better.

Weekend Plans and Other Stuff

First, I must quickly explain my recent lack of posts here and at 200by40.

Tuesday evening I found a suspicious object on my front yard. Upon further inspection and later confirmation from a local authority, it was determined to be a crack pipe. Needless to say it wasn’t mine, but a week before that I did notice suspicious activity in the neighborhood as did my some of my neighbors.

I won’t get further into details but let’s just say that finding the thing on my property sent me from Mild-Mannered Dork to Vigilant Father mode. I am now coordinating with neighbors to see what we can do about the problem. That’s all I’m saying until it is resolved and trust me, we are not tolerating it and it will be resolved.


The weekend looks pretty good! I’ve been listening to The Beatles all day to sort of cleanse my ears from the catchy George Michael tunes that have been stuck in my head since the concert. It seemed to work. Thank [insert appropriate deity here] for The Lads from Liverpool.

Here’s what’s on the weekend slate:

Saturday: Mostly a day of relaxing until we meet my brother at Disneyland so he can sign us in at the end of his shift. His blackout dates begin in July and any SoCal resident will tell you that you’re out of your mind if you go there during peak attendance. It’s just not happening, but he told me that it’s been pretty light lately. So it’s off to check out the new Toy Story ride (if the line’s not too long), Enchanted Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Anthony’s other favorites. We might even stop by the Disney Character Warehouse before for some cheap (and official) Disneyland crap and the only Sonic in the area for some banana split goodness afterwards. Should be good times.

Sunday: We are cleaning out Anthony’s room because it’s a downright disaster. Not only that, but Ozzie (aka Ozziekat) has been sleeping in there and making beds out of boxes of toys, pawing them onto the floor. That cat. I dunno.

That’s the plan. Take it easy and see you Monday!

And hey, can anybody tell me what’s up with this post from 2004? According to my WordPress stats, it’s got 41 views and 33 clicks from search results today (as of this post).

Any clues? I’m interested…

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