Vacation Has Begun…

…and Ann has a cold. Whoopee! A weekend in Las Vegas with a sick person! I joked with her today and said, “Sheesh, whenever we go to Las Vegas, you’re either sick or pregnant or something.”

It’s true. The last time we went, in August of 2003 to see Dave Gahan at The Joint, she had what we thought was the stomach flu. Turns out that “stomach flu” was actually caused by a growing fetus later to be called Anthony.

Another time she has just has surgery on her toes to remove the roots from her ingrown toenails. Because of the funky “shoes” she had to wear, she waddled like a duck down Fremont Street.

But no matter what the reason is for her illness, she’s always determined to go and have a good time. I hope this time is not an exception.

What would suck is driving through the desert with her–and not being able to run the A/C. I hope it’s not too hot on Sunday…

And why is my throat beginning to feel weird?