I Aim to Please

UPDATE 8/11/2011: It’s almost…okay, it IS embarrassing to see myself in this photo taken so long ago. Therefore, I invite you to see how I am now, some 100 pounds later. Click here!

So it turns out that my little blog here is one of the results when you search for the term “Big John’s Beans ‘n Fixin’s” in Yahoo! and Alta Vista.

Who am I to disappoint? If it’s beans ‘n fixin’s you want, it’s beans ‘n fixin’s I’ll give you!

Take a look at these lucious images, taken June 5, 2005:

Yours truly, looking smug. Because…

…here’s my surplus. I still have a few cans left as of this post.

The beans.

The beans in the pot.

The fixin’s.

Beans ‘n fixin’s together.

May that satisfy all the Big John’s fans out there. Last time I checked, Stater Bros. no longer carried them. And the Spring Farms market in Long Beach had a big black “D” on the shelf lable. Could mean “discontinued.”

Sad. Those are some awesome beans.