Yeah, yeah, so you got a break from me for about a week. For what it’s worth, I had what I believed to be a mild case of pinkeye and what I thought was a sinus infection (complete with headache), which turned out to be a cold of some kind.

That, or this weather is just totally farking with me. I didn’t even ride my bike to work once this week so that gives you an indication of what I really felt like. The good thing (if this can be considered good): I lost a few pounds.

At any rate, I had a few ideas brewing and I will exercise my right to post at least one tonight. And it would have been really smart of me to jot those ideas down on my iPod so I could remember them but instead, I have to rely on my ever-fading 40-year-old memory to try and recall those fantastic ideas I had. What a freaking moron.

Stay tuned…