A screengrab from iTunes a few minutes ago. That's unreal.

The Thriller is Gone

There are very few times in history that you'll remember so vividly. This is one of them. Anybody that says they've never grooved to one of Michael Jackson's songs or that they weren't moved by him in some way or another is a freaking liar. Admit it, tough guy: you know several dance moves from … Continue reading The Thriller is Gone


Keeping Up Appearances

When I was still manatee-esque, I tried to unsuccessfully for years to grow a goatee. No matter what I did, the thing just never took off but then again, my face was still round and rather fat. In fact I could go at least two to three days without shaving and you'd never notice much … Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances

Take That, Barney!

I’ve gotten into the habit of walking during my lunch lately because, let’s face it, The People’s Court hasn’t been the same since Judge Wapner and Rusty left. That’s what I’d usually watch that after consuming my lunch but this week I’ve gotten fitness on the brain and can’t seem to sit still during lunch, … Continue reading Take That, Barney!

Adult Contemporary

Like many businesses, my office has music being piped throughout the entire building. It wouldn't be so bad but their choice of station leaves a lot to be desired. It's KOST 103.5, Southern California's Soft Rock with Less Talk, and it's the reason I wear my iPod pretty much all the time while at work. … Continue reading Adult Contemporary