“You have failed me for the last time…”

I am posting this from my iPod since my computer has decided to let me down for the last time by taking a major dump, even after a fresh Windows install. Suffice it to day, it’s a goner–so much for that cheap software I recently acquired.

As such, two things are certain:

– Blogging is in hold indefinitely.
– I am officially a Mac, or at least I will be when I have the money for a new computer. I’m done with PCs forever.

Hang in there, peeps.


4 thoughts on “Down

  1. D-mo, any “PC” can die whether it’s Mac-branded or Windows – hardware is hardware these days (all madeinchina) especially since Apple switched to Intel chips. The only difference is that you’re gonna pay a lot more for the same hardware on a PC. If you want to use Mac OS but want it cheaper check this out: or

    I grew up on Apple machines (later Macs) and I really like the Mac OS (I make my XP look like Mac OS in several ways cuz it works better for me like the taskbar on top etc) but the main reason I switched to a Windows box was the price (and later power). A cheap Winbox ran me $300 at the time when a comparable Mac was significantly more (I don’t remember, it was 1998).

    I’m not gonna try and coerce you into sticking with a Windows machine but don’t get a Mac thinking that they’re bullet-proof. My buddy rocks one of the most pimped out Mac Pros with a ton of RAM and several TBs of RAIDed hard disk space and he’s had hardware issues and software issues just as often as the average PC user. His machine was several thousand $$ too.

    If you want a Mac, get it cuz you like the OS, not cuz they’re “virus free” or unbreakable etc. And on the Windows side, my self-built Shuttle-cased (AKA tiny powerhouse) does everything I need just fine and it cost me $800. :~)

    We haven’t talked PC stuff in a while (I think since the digi-days), have you used Mac OSX before??


    1. Yeah, I used Macs at my last two jobs and liked them. I’m with you on the “reliable” aspect as I had one of the first iMacs and the thing died on me the minuted I trued to go online–I returned it for a Sony VAIO and that was one reliable machine, more so than any others.

      The one that took a dump was a Gateway (but I backed up all of my pics, music and docs to external HD every Sunday) and I have a Compaq in the garage as our extra PC. It’s a bit old and slow but it works like it should. The problem I’m having with the Gateway is one that has to do with Vista and the NVIDIA drives, one for which there is no known cure. I think every user affected by it should get together and bring a class action lawsuit against them. Google “display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

      While I do like Macs, I’m limited in my knowledge about upgrading, OS, etc. Give me a PC and I can so some minor upgrades, and I have done them (DVD drive installation, swap HDs, etc.). My only fear is that if anything goes wrong with the Mac, I’m going to have to take it in to get fixed and you know what that means.

      And yes, PCs are much cheaper. I just want one with XP and not Vista. The laptop (which I’m using now) is fine with Vista but the Gateway wasn’t too fond of it.


  2. when my old pc got fried (something to do with the power supply and the board) i purchased a refurbished dell off of their website (there’s a special area for their refurbished machines). the thing runs like a champ, and, more importantly, i was able to get one with xp rather than vista. the new machine is pretty bare bones, but it’s fast and it’s plenty good for home use, and it cost me about 200 bucks.


    1. Glad you had success with your Dell. My father-in-law bought one that was slow out of the box, and now we get bi-weekly tech calls from him. Can’t say I’ve had many great experiences with Dells but who knows. The Compaq, OTOH, still runs after years of abuse. Not too shabby, and it may be the brand I choose to buy since, while the Mac is nice, a PC is more within my budget.


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