Have We Learned Nothing?

While driving home from work the other day, I witnessed a curious sight that made me want to punch the face of the person committing the crime. I was sitting at a red light when I saw a teen driver on the opposite side of the intersection waiting for traffic to clear so he could … Continue reading Have We Learned Nothing?


A Glimmer of Hope

In my previous post I had mentioned that we couldn’t afford to buy Ann’s Advair inhalers because of their ridiculous cost of $300 (without health insurance). This is when it pays to work in a medical center. After hearing of her plight from Ann’s father (who also works there), one of the local doctors decided … Continue reading A Glimmer of Hope

Updating and Stuff

In the extremely unlikely event that the job market starts to get better and people start hiring, I've been spending this cool evening updating my resume and trying to do some networking through some job sites. Because something needs to happen--and soon. See, like most people, Ann needs to breathe in order to live. At … Continue reading Updating and Stuff

A Weekend Away

You might recall a few months ago I had mentioned that The Kid and I were going camping at a local park. We did and it was a blast. What I failed to mention was that in October, there was another campout at said park and we were going to that one, too. Well, said … Continue reading A Weekend Away

Let’s Go Dodgers!

The Kid wanted to draw something for me to hang at my desk, so here's my request: This will be posted in my cubicle tomorrow and will remain there throughout the remainder of the playoffs and--dare I say it--World Series. And what a great series it was: a come-from-behind victory, Dodger bats practically shutting down … Continue reading Let’s Go Dodgers!