A Glimmer of Hope

In my previous post I had mentioned that we couldn’t afford to buy Ann’s Advair inhalers because of their ridiculous cost of $300 (without health insurance).

This is when it pays to work in a medical center.

After hearing of her plight from Ann’s father (who also works there), one of the local doctors decided that this wasn’t the way things should be and handed Ann’s dad the following:


Two samples of Advair. Now the two of us can breathe again, Ann literally and me figuratively. And this is what being a doctor is about: caring for the needs of your patients and helping those who need it, not letting them suffer because the cost of their prescriptions are astronomical.

Okay, other things. Because of the whole layoff thing and me working a suck-ass job, naturally, we have had to let some things fall by the wayside. One of those things is a credit card that I have been sending some cash here and there but not exactly what they are asking for.

So now it’s come to a point where the India-based autodialer keeps punching in my number and calling me (which is the card issuer’s right, I suppose) at home and on my cell phone. While the name and number appear on my home phone, they don’t on my cell phone.

Rather than have to reach into my pocket every single time they call to see who it is, I decided to save the number and assign these guys their own ringtone, which is below:

Not only does that song rock even decades later, it also tips me off as to who is calling. If you can’t figure it out, well, I could help you but it really is pretty obvious.

Don’t hurt your brains to hard in trying to figure out the issuing bank, people 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Hope

    1. Yeah, that songs works on a few levels, doesn’t it? And I agree–good things sometimes happen, and when you least expect them to 🙂


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