Updating and Stuff

In the extremely unlikely event that the job market starts to get better and people start hiring, I’ve been spending this cool evening updating my resume and trying to do some networking through some job sites.

Because something needs to happen–and soon.

See, like most people, Ann needs to breathe in order to live. At the moment, it’s becoming rather difficult without the use of her inhaler which, when covered by my former health care provider, cost a measly $40. Measly = with what I used to get paid. If she were to get the same inhaler without insurance, it would cost fucking $300.

That’s, like, a good portion of one of my lousy paychecks and still a lot of money with a decent paycheck and no benefits. Talk about highway robbery.

Then there’s The Kid who is currently lying on the couch and occasionally waking up in tears, his little frame burning up with a fever. While he is slowly cooling down, he’s still pretty sick. Thankfully, he’s covered under Healthy Families and his doctor visit shouldn’t cost much nor will any of his prescribed medications. Hopefully, he will just require some R&R.

Having a sick child and a wife that can’t breathe properly really sucks, and I feel like a real worthless jackass for not having the proper health insurance to take care of them both. I hate to see the both of them suffer, and my only hope is that I don’t get sick since I don’t get paid days off at my dog-and-pony show.

In case you couldn’t tell, yes, I’m pretty down at the moment. Sorry.

The song you see in my signature is an instrumental which sets my current mood perfectly: it’s dark, ominous, and gives the feeling of anticipation as if something–good, bad or indifferent–is about to happen.

Because at this point, it must.

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    1. Thanks, and they actually have–at least on one end 🙂

      Watch for a new post explaining everything, probably tomorrow. Got some stuff to do tonight.


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