Yes, I’m alive.

No, I don’t feel like saying much other than my unemployment check is late, I didn’t get the job at my former employer, I caught my brother lying about Dad on his Facebook page (which, as you might imagine, caused me to blow several fuses and a microchip), I’m still waiting on the word from my interview last week, I’ve got about $60 in my account with bills due that are now going to be late, the Dodgers continue to fall apart, and with the job situation still not going in my favor, I pretty much feel worthless–and perpetually pissed off.

So with all that in mind, fuck it, I’m going to bed or something. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


2 thoughts on “Whatever

    1. I keep hoping things get better, and they will, but not soon enough. At least I got my check today so that’s one good thing. As for the rest…grrr…


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