Background Break

Background acting has been an extremely enlightening and fun experience, but I'm going to miss it. I've decided that after I finish my job for the show Outlaw tomorrow, I will be taking an indefinite break from this cool little gig. But before I post the reasons why, here's a quick list of what makes it … Continue reading Background Break


Desperate Times

Peeps, as if my "Why You Should Hire Me" post wasn't enough of an indication, I'm getting desperate for work. I can explain more in another post later. And while searching the online classified ads I came across a business opportunity that, to be quite honest, was like nothing I'd ever seen (and made me … Continue reading Desperate Times

Two Cats, One Box

What were you thinking? It's just Ozzie and Monte doing...something in a cardboard box. Happy Caturday!

Why You Should Hire Me

Want to know what my inbox has been like lately? Here are some excerpts of what I've seen. From a local grocery chain regarding the position of Team Leader, August 3, 2010: We have considered your application carefully and unfortunately at this time we will not be progressing it any further. We will keep your … Continue reading Why You Should Hire Me

My Fellow Parents

Perhaps you're feeling the same way. Summer is almost over and our son is driving us nuts. Seriously crazy. Practically insane. To top it off, it's been a rather cool summer up to this point when the temperatures finally began to reach the 90s. Combine that heat with being home with him all day with … Continue reading My Fellow Parents