Preview of Friday’s “CSI: NY” Episode

UPDATE: So it seems my stupid ass didn’t get the right time for the show (9/8c not 10/9c) and I missed out! Oh well, I guess that’s why there’s iTunes and online episodes.

At any rate, you can watch episode “Sangre Por Sangre” online via Scroll to about 21:40 and you’ll see me wandering. This was the only time I saw myself and my mugshots weren’t used but I did see my buddy Gino’s in the background! Also saw John, another cool and down-to-earth guy I met while doing this stuff:

Also, it seems there were a lot of scenes that were not used but I guess that’s how it goes. I remember at least a couple of times when I was walking in the background on the opposite side of the street after the alley scene, and Gary Sinise walks out and I’m strolling right behind him. And I’m guessing that the scene below of Edward James Olmos was just a promo for the show because that wasn’t in the episode, either. I do remember doing a double-take as I was walking by a table of merchandise (see video clip at 1:49) as this was an outdoor marketplace. Something on the table caught my eye so I had to take a second look.

Either way, great job, everyone. Had a blast and looking forward to doing this again!

So there’s this actor by the name of Edward James Olmos that guest starred in the episode of CSI: NY that I worked on way back in August.

Here’s a picture of the guy taken from the CBS Web site:


Courtesy CBS Productions


So hey, who’s that standing behind him? That would be me, of course, sort of walking around an outdoor marketplace in New York…I mean, Paramount Studios. This was the second day of shooting and I was dressed a little more professionally. On the first day is when I played the more of a street urchin and had the mugshots and surveillance photos taken.

At any rate, you can check out an interview with the man by clicking this link and to see me casually stroll by, scroll over to about 1:49 or so.

Oh, and I think that the episode of The Whole Truth that I worked on was supposed to be on last night but it was preempted by a special on the rescue of the Chilean miners. I see no problem with that as those guys have freaking balls of steel for surviving that ordeal. I’m glad they all made it.

Okay, so there you go. Friday, October 15 at 10/9c on CBS. You will see me in plenty of scenes!


2 thoughts on “Preview of Friday’s “CSI: NY” Episode

    1. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! I was used in LOTS of scenes including two crowd scenes behind barricades, the mugshots and surveillance photos, running away after [intentionally omitted so as not to spoil the show], crossing in front of the camera in the alley scene…I will definitely be seen so tune in! I will post some screengrabs when I have time–busy weekend 🙂

      UPDATE: Well…they shot lots of scene with me in them, at least…!


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