Dear Santa…

I hope this lett…this blog post finds you in the best of health, and that the economy hasn’t forced you to layoff too many of your overworked, enslaved yet surprisingly cheerful helpers.

With Christmas a mere 60 days away I thought I’d take a moment to clear the air with you. I’m not going to go into details about if I’ve been bad or good since, well, you know that already. But what I’d like to do is explain what’s going on in the video below:

As is obvious, it’s my son Anthony riding his go-kart with what appears to be a gigantic stuffed replica of your most famous reindeer, Rudolph, behind it.

Ahem, allow me. There was no malicious intent, malice, or anything else going on in that devious mind of his when he decided to attach Rudolph to his go-kart. It was just a kid having a little fun is all.

I hope you find it in your heart to forgive the little devil because behind the evil smile, he really is a good kid and does deserve a little sumpin’-sumpin’ this year for Christmas.

But if he gets nothing but a lump of coal I wouldn’t be too surprised.