The Game Plan

slimeHere it is on the 6th day of December and I’m writing my first blog post of the month. So to my three two loyal readers I truly apologize for my lack of posts but naturally and as usual, I do have an excuse reason for this absence.

A few weeks ago I logged in to Facebook and started roaming around. And I’m not really sure if it was someone’s status or just a bunch of comments about a news story but either way, something hit me: people don’t know dick about English anymore. That, or they simply don’t care to know more. That’s perfectly fine and dandy if you’re vehemently banging out some garbage comment about a non-news story because chances are that the rest of the people commenting probably won’t care about your poor grammar and spelling. Birds of a feather, so to speak.

But if you are responsible for updating the status messages for a company that has a Facebook page, you should probably take a little more care before hitting that Post button.

As someone who has done his share of proofreading in the past, seeing these things frustrated me to no end. But hey, there wasn’t much I could do about stuff already posted except throw in my two cents, but what difference would that have made?

Another thing that drove me to the edge was the inability to go crazy on documents at work as I explained in this post. I’m not proofreading as much as I am checking for different characters so I’m extremely limited in what I can do or suggest.

So how in the world does all of this tie in with my lack of posts?

Well, on the same night that I witnessed the Facebook atrocities, I started to do some online research. A few days later I was at the thrift shop buying just about any book I could find about English and grammar. It didn’t matter if some of the page’s sentences were highlighted in different, colorful transparent hues; it didn’t matter who previously owned the books. I simply needed them.

The research continued for a few more days and I also sat in my car during lunch with Anthony’s Nickelodeon-slimed Dell netbook and typed up all sorts of notes and ideas. (In fact, I used it today to collect my thoughts for this blog post up to this point.) When I wasn’t typing, I actually ate my lunch.

I’d then go home and continue researching into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes getting only 4 hours of sleep before waking up and getting ready for work all over again. The next morning I realized that, depending on how it all goes, I might need a laptop/netbook of my own because I tried to use our old Gateway and, well, it’s not going to happen. Besides, I don’t think potential clients would take me too seriously if I showed up with a netbook with green slime on the cover.

With a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into, I then visited VistaPrint and started dabbling with designing business cards since the ones I printed at home weren’t exactly what you’d call very professional. Functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. Something about those rough edges turns me off, even with so-called “clean edge” card stock. Anyway, I ended up ordering nearly 750 cards from VistaPrint and also got a free holder for something like $11 with shipping.

At this point, you might be wondering what I’m getting at. After all, spending all those nights doing research and buying used books hasn’t all been in vain, has it?

No, it hasn’t—at least I hope not.

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