Making It Better

To say that it’s been a rather tough year for us would be absolutely correct* but despite it all, we’re managing to pull through and remain optimistic.

And I’m thankful to have found a couple of jobs that have definitely helped out. But while I do have some income, Christmas is going to be a little skimpy for Ann and myself. As for Anthony, well, he’ll be fine. I’d rather see his face light up on Christmas morning and I can assure you that it will.

One thing I told Ann I wanted to do this year was buy a real tree rather than go digging in the garage for our artificial one which, after a year in storage, is probably mashed, squashed and mangled. There’s something about a real Christmas tree that adds a nice touch to a home—even when your little demon of a cat decides to make it his plaything.

So with the little money we have, Ann and Anthony went to Lowe’s and picked up this little gem:


It’s not the biggest or the baddest Christmas tree you’ve ever seen by any means but it brings us just a little more joy in closing what’s been a pretty crappy year.

And if this little tree is all it takes to bring a smile to my family’s face, then that’s fine with me.

2011 will be better. Trust me on that Smile

*I will wrap-up the good and bad of the year in a future post