More from the Dodger Game

I’m going to make this one rather short and let the pictures to most of the talking. But Tuesday night, despite the Dodgers losing (and eventually getting swept by the D-Backs) was memorable. I met a bunch of new people who were all great to be around and with stories of motivation, perseverance, and dedication to weight loss and nutrition.

We got to speak with Dodgers trainer Sue Falsone who was a great gal and a lot of fun (and also now follows me on Twitter). Photographer Jon SooHoo took a picture of the gang and jokingly told us to “Get the hell off of the grass!” after we were told to not go near it. Hey, he said we could, right? More of his pictures from that night are up on the Dodgers Photog Blog.


I also got autographs from former Dodger players Don Newcombe and Sweet Lou Johnson as you will see later in this post. Both of them were very gracious.

In short, it was a fantastic night and I would like to thank Josh Tucker, Dodgers Social Media Guru and host. He kept us all in line and ensured everything was taken care of. And a tip of the cap to the entire Dodger organization who once again were pure class.

And without any further delay, the pictures.

Dodger Game 004
No pass, no field entry

Dodger Game 009
Beautiful Dodger Stadium

Dodger Game 010 2
Panoramic of the field with Josh Tucker on the right. Click to enlarge.

Dodger Game 025
Maury Wills and Andre Ethier

Dodger Game 026
Trainer Sue Falsone

Dodger Game 029
Don Newcombe tossing a ball to a fan

Dodger Game 031
Maury Wills signs autographs

Dodger Game 036
The winners in their corral

Dodger Game 049
Coach Tim Wallach

Dodger Game 055
“The Penguin” Ron Cey

Dodger Game 006
Golf cart on the Club Level

Me on the field. This is also my Facebook cover photo.

Dodger Game 051
2011 Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw

Dodger Game 008
Tommy Lasorda

Dodger Game 016
Jon SooHoo with GM Ned Colletti

Dodger Game 071
Owner Magic Johnson

The Vin Scully Press Box

Dodger Game 081
And in the dead center of this picture in the Prime Ticket booth, Vin Scully

I didn’t get this far to not eat a Dodger Dog

Jersey autographed by Sweet Lou Johnson and Don Newcombe

Entry to the Main Offices

Dodger Game 093
Me and organist Nancy Bea. I only wish this image was a bit clearer.

Kirk Gibson bobblehead

Batting practice

Game time

A great day indeed.