At the Ballgame

Enjoying the view from the suite at Dodger Stadium.

The Suite Life

As my readers know, I started my weight loss blog when I was about 250 lbs. to chronicle my progress on my way to my goal of 200 lbs. By then, I had already lost 50 lbs. but wasn't blogging yet. I did this not only for my own motivation but also as a way … Continue reading The Suite Life

This Kid Knows How to Par-TAY!

As seen at a local grocery store. It's one of those little kiddie shopping carts with the pole and banner attached, the banner reading "Shopper in Training." The contents of this cart: a bottle of Korbel champagne, a bottle of Smirnoff behind that, and a bag of what appears to be lemons. Let's just hope … Continue reading This Kid Knows How to Par-TAY!

College Days Revisited

  In 2001, I was young and full of hope. Eleven years later I’m older and full of something other than hope. Anyway, I took many writing classes at Orange Coast College back then with one of them being Screenwriting. While watching SpongeBob with Anthony tonight, they showed the episode titled Reef Blower which is … Continue reading College Days Revisited

Wordless Wednesday: Lunch

A collage from where we had lunch on Saturday.