I Sense A Disturbance in The Force

I may be rather slow in some aspects of my life but if there’s one thing I take particular pride in is my astuteness. It’s come in handy many times but more often than not, it’s in the workplace where it’s come in most handy – and I’ve always been dead-nuts on my instincts.

With all that said, I’ve heard and seen a few things around the office which may not be red flags to many but to me, they definitely make me wonder.

First off, we were told at a meeting last week that our Head Honcho’s boss was either a) leaving the company or b) moving to another position within the company. I forget which but in either case, there will be a vacancy.

The other two observations occurred today.

The Head Honcho used to have a bunch of framed family photos on top of their storage cabinets and I couldn’t help but notice as I passed their office today that they were all gone. Interesting.

Then, as the coup de grâce, I offer this.

We have three TVs in the lounge with two dedicated to showing CNN and the middle one being connected to a computer and showing a PowerPoint presentation with news and other company information. One slide gives the names and extensions of three of the building’s contacts should you need to contact them.

Today there were only two people listed. The Head Honcho had been removed.

I sense many changes in our future…