This Is Disturbing


The picture you see above is from a Just For Men commercial in which a baby is depicted with a goatee, but not just any goatee. Since JFM is a product aimed at men who have graying hair (myself included), it’s assumed that the kid not only had a goatee at such an early age but it was also graying.

I know, I know. The point here is that dying your goatee will make you look and feel younger. On a side note, I shaved mine off months ago because it was getting too damned gray and think that now I look at least a few years younger. None of this crazy baby shit for me.

But seriously, who the eff thought this was funny, catchy, or otherwise amusing? If there’s anything that makes me laugh less in a commercial than monkeys doing human things, it’s a baby going adult things and I’m a parent. This ad is fucking stupid in every way: he drives, he dances, he’s the coolest mutherfugger in the club – and all the ladies love him.

Now suppose we switch genders and present a baby girl who dyed her hair and had a bunch of dudes adoring her. Yeah, I think you get the idea. You’d be on the horn with the authorities in a New York minute.

But even if you don’t switch, this commercial still sucks. Plain and simple.