Disney’s New Mouse Ears Know Where You Are

I know the very notion of this sounds a bit absurd but with the introduction of Disney’s Glow with the Show Mickey ears, it’s definitely something to think about. On the surface these ears look just like any other pair of souvenir Mickey Mouse ears that you can buy at any Disney park, but these … Continue reading Disney’s New Mouse Ears Know Where You Are


Mozart’s Fist

Inspired by the typo in this article that appeared in the Daily Mail, Mozart’s Fist is my new band name.

I Sense A Disturbance in The Force

I may be rather slow in some aspects of my life but if there’s one thing I take particular pride in is my astuteness. It’s come in handy many times but more often than not, it’s in the workplace where it’s come in most handy – and I’ve always been dead-nuts on my instincts. With … Continue reading I Sense A Disturbance in The Force

OC Fair 5k Fun Run

On Sunday I ran in the Orange County Fair 5k Fun Run, the first time I’d participated in the event. I had honestly forgotten about this one until I saw it being advertised in an email I got from Active.com so I figured I might as well go for it. Much like the WetNWild 5k, … Continue reading OC Fair 5k Fun Run

More from the Dodger Game

I’m going to make this one rather short and let the pictures to most of the talking. But Tuesday night, despite the Dodgers losing (and eventually getting swept by the D-Backs) was memorable. I met a bunch of new people who were all great to be around and with stories of motivation, perseverance, and dedication … Continue reading More from the Dodger Game