Wordless Wednesday: Fall Fun



My Spotify Christmas Playlist

I’m taking a break from my evening job searching and doing something a little fun instead.

I’m putting together a Spotify Christmas Playlist and you, gentle readers, can listen to it by clicking on a song below (provided you have Spotify).

At this point I’m up to 35 songs but many more will be coming. It’s definitely an eclectic mix of genres and songs which, if you know me, isn’t that out of the ordinary. It also includes “When Christmas Comes to Town” from The Polar Express which pretty much turns me to mush every time I hear it. You can read more about it here.

So sit back, download Spotify if you haven’t yet, and enjoy!

Happy Black Friday, Suckers!

I know there’s no lyrical correlation with today but I can’t think of a better day to post this video.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s wishing all my fantastic readers, friends and family — one in the same in my book — a very Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t dwell on the negative today; be thankful for all the positive you have in your life and make the most of it.

Just take at the news and see for yourself. Forget the football games, the parade, the feast. You have more to be thankful for than you think.

Me? This is what I’m most thankful for.

2012-04-28 10.51.03

The family at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

It’s these two who push me to do better, work harder, and be a better person.

And for that, I thank them from the bottom of my heart 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas 2006

santa 2006 hi-res

What happened to my little man?