In Retrospect

Having the week off and doing some shopping has given me a better perspective on what I do and my thoughts on leaving the profession which I was considering earlier this year. I'm very fortunate in not having to deal with demanding customers (or any for that matter), working on my own most of the … Continue reading In Retrospect


Wordless Wednesday: Moon

As seen through Anthony's new telescope. Taken with my LG Optimus Elite and edited with Pixlr Express.

Always in My Heart

He would have been 78 today. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and rest in peace, Dad. We all miss you.

Friday Five: It’s Not the End of the World

It’s Friday. You’re saving your energy for a 5-mile run tomorrow morning. And much to your disappointment, no fire or brimstone rained down from the heavens as was (sort of) promised by the Mayans and their wacky calendar. You’ve also got no blog topic to speak of but you feel the need to write. Well, … Continue reading Friday Five: It’s Not the End of the World

A Weekend of Bargains!

I have to admit that last weekend was a bargain hunter’s dream. First of all, we went to free event that was held at our not-so-local Sport Chalet store in Huntington Beach. The event was promoting and sponsored by the Steamboat Resort in Colorado and everything, I mean everything, within the confines of the arbitrary … Continue reading A Weekend of Bargains!