Romantic Comedies

Holy mother of effs, I'm getting old(er). The family -- I refuse to use the currently popular and obnoxious term "fam" -- was out decorating for Christmas Saturday night, mostly concentrating on the positioning of our new laser light display. We've been looking at them for some time now and found them on sale at … Continue reading Romantic Comedies


Happy Holidays!

Ah, the holidays always bring out the "best" in everybody. We made a quick stop at our local Dollar Tree for some stuff we needed. As usual, we ended up with more than we had come for and spent much more than the name of the store implies. Anyway, at checkout, there was a guy … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Happy Halloween!

We just got in from a fun night of trick-or-treating. We saw some cool decorations like this, Anthony and his friend got quite a haul, and a guy a few blocks over was having his annual neighborhood party where he feeds whoever shows up. And to top it off, it started to rain just as … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Happy 2013!

Wow. 2013. As the years pass, I start thinking how weird my headstone is going to look with 1969-20xx on it. It's gonna seem like I lived a million years and accomplished so much. At any rate, I'm scheduling this post to go live at midnight in the off chance I am not awake by … Continue reading Happy 2013!

My Spotify Christmas Playlist

I'm taking a break from my evening job searching and doing something a little fun instead. I'm putting together a Spotify Christmas Playlist and you, gentle readers, can listen to it by clicking on a song below (provided you have Spotify). At this point I'm up to 35 songs but many more will be … Continue reading My Spotify Christmas Playlist