Blogging 365, Day 31: Free Birthday Crap, Part I

With the Big 44 a mere two weeks away, my inbox is starting to get inundated with all kids of worthless free birthday offers that I may or may not use. As was the case last year, I will share them with you to see how cheap retailers and restaurateurs have gotten. I will post them as I get them so in today’s case, you get two.

First up is Best Buy with this offer:

best buy

Not only is this a step down from their former offers of a $10 store certificate, it’s also a cheap step back from last year. You see, that’s when they offered 4x bonus points with no strings attached. This year I have to use the Reward Zone credit card – I don’t have a single credit card to my name, let alone theirs – to earn 4x the points. But as you can see by my point total at the top, I haven’t been using my rewards lately. Frankly, I don’t really care since I’m no longer shopping there anyway.

Now this one I may actually use:


As overpriced as they may be, I do like perusing the used game selection at Gamestop because chances are if I don’t find anything, Anthony will. And it’s not like I’m looking to get something new like Halo Whatever or some other well-known franchise. I don’t do those games. I prefer mine with a gas pedal or a Mario character or a combination of both. And a 20% discount isn’t all that bad of a deal when the games I usually buy are less than $20.

So there we go. Another two weeks of inbox offers to go! What’ll I get next?

Blogging 365, Day 30: Not Enough Time

I’ve had very little personal time as of late with all of the overtime I’ve been working. This explains why I’ve decided to, after trying unsuccessfully several times, to not continue with my Coursera online class.

I tried yesterday and was bored out of my skull, so I thought I’d give it another shot.

I fell asleep during the video lecture. I’m not entirely surprised by that.

Not only that but after 10 hours of sitting and proofreading all kinds of documents in several languages, the last thing I want to do is sit in my chair at home and stare at a monitor for any extended period of time. It’s just not gonna happen.

And on top of all that, it will cut into my workout time that I set aside for me on nights when I feel up to it. There will be none of that tonight as I’m tired and still sore from yesterday’s workout.

As if I couldn’t already make enough excuses for not continuing my courses, I want to set aside some time to start illustrating again. I did a little sketch the other night with Anthony and realized how much I miss it. The drawing was nothing spectacular but it felt good to start with a blank piece of paper and end up with an object on that paper that looked pretty realistic.

Well, I better end it here. My eyes are getting very heavy and I need sleep…

Blogging 365, Day 29: Fair Warning

This is a head’s up to all drivers in the southern California area.

I took this picture of Anthony at the L.A. Auto Show a few months ago and thought I’d pass it along because in 8 short years, this is the face you could see in your rearview mirror:

Anthony Driving!

Hey, just letting you know…

Blogging 365, Day 28: Bad Student

So I signed up for yet another Coursera online course, this one about nutrition.

I’ve only watched one video and I’m already falling asleep.

Guess my days of leaning anything are far behind me…

Blogging 365, Day 27: Still Sick

I swear if my Health Meter was comprised of 10 little 8-bit hearts, I think I’d be on 3.5.

Yesterday I had tremendous sinus pressure above my right eye and tonight it’s my left. The pain is so bad it feels like watering.

What I’m saying is that this is about all I can handle for tonight’s entry. But at least I’m sticking to it.

Posted from my third-gen iPod touch because my phone is being arguing charged and I’m still too lazy to get the laptop. (Edited since I apparently was out of my element when I wrote this post.)