It’s Alive!

For all intents and purposes, the “new” blog is alive! Thanks to my visitors for hanging in there as I made the transition from one domain to another. I say that as if I have a league of Twitter followers like Kim Kardashian when in actuality I don’t. I mean, I’ve only gotten just over 100k hits since I started blogging here at WordPress so that should tell you something.

But to those who do stop by and read this, thanks again. I hope the transition was as painless as possible.

So aside from that, what’s new? Well, that spiffy new banner for one. And I’ll have you know that I created a single block in Photoshop then copied it to make the ground. Need proof?


There it is in all its glory. I worked hard to make it look so good. Ahem.

Anyway, yeah, a new banner. More will be coming, that’s for sure. Also, my old domain will redirect here for as long as I own it which I intend to do so as not to leave anyone hanging.

Also new is my Instagram feed widget which is something that WordPress added recently. Or maybe not so recently, I don’t know. I figured that since I was changing domains I might as well do some housekeeping while I was at it. I’ve also made a widget for my Disclaimer so that it is a little more visible than the page it is on.

That about sums everything up. The blog lives into 2014, the year marking my 10th anniversary of blogging. I’ll try to make it better than this year when I sort of fell off the wagon…