Apocalypse Then

Living in southern California in the late '80s was weird. It was during that time when we experienced a sudden infestation of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly or Medfly as it was lovingly referred to by the local media. (This pen name obviously paved the way for celebrity couple names like Bennifer and Brangelina.) Eventually, the … Continue reading Apocalypse Then

His Name Was Prince

And he was funky. And rest assured that my Facebook friends are probably…well, most definitely tired of my posts about the man and his music which is why I’m here to expand my thoughts just a little bit more. First off, I find it hard to believe that he’s gone. I was at work doing … Continue reading His Name Was Prince

Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz

There are some things in life for which you have no real explanation. Like getting your leg caught in a ceiling fan, for instance. And on Saturday, I had an odd thing happen to me. Perhaps not as odd as the ceiling fan thing but odd enough. I dropped my Xbox One controller – yes, … Continue reading Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz

Friday 5: Into the Lens

Look, I know this is a day late but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about it after seeing a fellow blogger do it. The topic is relevant to me so it'll be a good fit. Now just keep in mind that I've also worked in photo labs and have been shooting for … Continue reading Friday 5: Into the Lens