Top: Dad with my brother at Knott's Berry Farm, 1968. I was still in the oven. Bottom: me at Knott's Berry Farm in 2016 with these same ladies. Today is the 40th anniversary of Dad's passing. There's only so many words that can be said, only so many photos that can be posted. But there … Continue reading 40

 Quality Not Quantity 

As my restraint from posting on Facebook continues, I'm realizing that I'm not missing it a whole lot. That's mostly because I grew tired of idiotic stories that local media thinks I should be paying attention to, like the woman who took a selfie in what she thought was her daughter's dorm room -- only … Continue reading  Quality Not Quantity 

Well, This Sucks

I've been listening to a lot of Japanese music lately at work courtesy of J1 Radio, in particular their Gold channel which plays some really, really good oldies. No translation needed; the music alone is fantastic. Although I have to admit that a lot of words are becoming more familiar to me, like "toki doki" … Continue reading Well, This Sucks