Virgin Mobile Is Going to Throttle You

If you are a data-heavy user who signed up for Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk with unlimited data, web and e-mail in the hopes of paying $25 (or $35, depending on when you joined) and never having anything to worry about, your dreams are about to be shattered – in some ways. March 23rd, 2012 is … Continue reading Virgin Mobile Is Going to Throttle You

Pumpkins, Part Deux

Remember those nifty home-grown pumpkins from a few posts ago? Well, last night Ann bought our annual package of carving instruments and we went to town. Here is mine which was made from the tallest pumpkin of the bunch: I figured since this is the 15th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I thought I'd … Continue reading Pumpkins, Part Deux

Things Get Damaged…

Pop Quiz, kiddies! Can any of you tell me how long your ol' Uncle Dave has had his "new" 2007 PT Cruiser convertible? Here are your choices: a) One day b) One week c) One year d) One decade If you answered b) One week, you are correct! You've won a Bozo Button! Ahem. Forgive … Continue reading Things Get Damaged…


As if you couldn't tell, yesterday's post was my first April Fool's Day gag on the blog. And it sucked beyond sucking. (UPDATE 12/18/08: That entry has gotten almost 1,000 hits since posting, so it wasn't that bad.) But I did borrow a page from the late George Plimpton's story about Sidd Finch. Just capitalize … Continue reading Lame!