Wordless Wednesday: Tied Up


Wordless Wednesday: Monte

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At Rest

A trip to the thrift shop and I have my 8x10 frame. The garden dedication is complete and the souls of our beloved pets are free to roam the backyard as they so please. Ozzie and Cindy, in our eyes, are finally at rest.

The Ninth Life

(Note: Today's post deals with the topic of animal euthanasia, namely that which was administered to our beloved cat, Cindy, earlier today. If you have never had the experience of having to put your pet to sleep and aren't quite prepared for it, nor wish to hear about it, please reconsider reading past the break … Continue reading The Ninth Life

Hatten är Din Redux

That chapeau was on clearance at Target. Who am I to deprive Cindy the honor of wearing the hat? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to glue a ham piece--coolly.