The Great Escape

I had originally intended to write about an incident I witnessed last night involving the neighbors that live on either side of me. Long story short, I've grown tired of repeatedly reporting this idiot neighbor to Animal Control for having his dog off-leash and seeing it go after other neighborhood dogs -- and their owners … Continue reading The Great Escape


13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House

First and foremost, I need to explain a little bit. As I post my pictures of the location and the interest in this movie continues to gain momentum, I’ve witnessed a blatant disregard for the intellectual property in regards to my images. I’ve seen many of them being reposted on Instagram and while I have … Continue reading 13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House

Pictures of New “Amityville Horror” House

Last week, a little bird told me that there was some kind of construction going on at El Dorado Park, which just happens to be part of my BSR (Big Sunday Run) route. The park, literally 2 miles from home is huge, divided into two parts, and takes up a good portion of my run. … Continue reading Pictures of New “Amityville Horror” House

I Feel Loved

Okay folks, it was an interesting day to say the least. First of all let me cut to the chase. I signed a confidentiality agreement with the studio and therefore cannot divulge any information regarding intricacies of today’s shoot. But what I can say is this: you will see me – a lot. This is, without … Continue reading I Feel Loved

CSI’m Done!

My two glorious days and 24+ hours of wandering the New York streets of Paramount Studios to add a little Puerto Rican atmosphere to CSI: New York are done. They were a bit exhausting but as usual, a lot of fun. This was originally a one-day shoot for most of us but a few, including … Continue reading CSI’m Done!