Devil Inside

As much as Dave v2.0 tries to stay on the bright and sunny side of things these days, there are still moments when I have to stand back and make sure what I’m hearing or seeing is, in fact, what’s really going on. Today was one of those days. Ann has been working at the … Continue reading Devil Inside



Today, I received a LinkedIn connection request from a coworker still working at my former employer. I think I had spoken to this person only a few times at length and to be quite honest, I was only doing it to be cordial. There wasn’t much else to say to this person as far as … Continue reading LinkedOut

“Better Times Lie Ahead”

“Better times lie ahead.” That’s a quote from an Android dev whom I emailed regarding an app they created. I donated a few dollars since I use the app all the time and said that I would give more if I could but unemployment sort of prevents me. He truly deserved my donation since the … Continue reading “Better Times Lie Ahead”

Adventures in Unemployment, Part 2

First and foremost, I’m on yet another Facebook break. I’m not posting anything over there but will approve and accept all Candy Crush Saga requests. So to all of my Facebook friends, no, you won’t see me for a bit but I will happily take all the Candy Crush help I can get. Secondly, if … Continue reading Adventures in Unemployment, Part 2


As I continue to wallow through the doldrums of unemployment and continuously applying for even the most menial jobs, I get word from a former coworker about the status of Former Employer. Basically, the questions surrounding my layoff are still being brought up nearly three weeks later and yet there are no answers. Work is … Continue reading Karma