As I continue to wallow through the doldrums of unemployment and continuously applying for even the most menial jobs, I get word from a former coworker about the status of Former Employer.

Basically, the questions surrounding my layoff are still being brought up nearly three weeks later and yet there are no answers. Work is beginning to pile up and now they are recruiting former proofreaders who have moved on to other departments to handle what’s becoming more than the regular crew of proofreaders can handle.

The place is apparently in a state of flux with this abundance of work, which means that there is obviously money to be made and a demand for the products they produce.

Yet my assignment was ended because there was no money in the budget to retain me.

This is amusing to me. They could potentially start approving overtime so that they can get more of the work done but if I was still under their employ, the piles would be taken care of in a timely manner. They could also hire new people but that would require training and would also be a setback since they could only proof certain projects.

So many things for them to consider while I’m struggling to find a job.

Karma, man. Karma.