Baby, You’re A Star

Sunday was a nice, blustery day so we decided to get out of the house and do a little bit of shopping – mostly window-wishing – at the local outlet. As is the case with most outlets these days, the walkways are riddled with independent vendors trying to push their wares to anybody that passes. … Continue reading Baby, You’re A Star

And That’s How It Ended

It seems like I write these posts all too often and when I do, they always seem to bring me down. This is the one time that I refuse to do that. It was at about 2:45 pm on Friday when I saw one of the ladies from my staffing agency/employer walk in the building. … Continue reading And That’s How It Ended

Podcast About Background Acting

Hey all, I was interviewed about background acting for the blog Running In Flip Flops. Give it a listen if you ever wanted to know what it takes and what to expect. I will be joining Russ once again on Saturday to discuss one of my favorite topics: '80s music. Should be fun!

Background Break

Background acting has been an extremely enlightening and fun experience, but I'm going to miss it. I've decided that after I finish my job for the show Outlaw tomorrow, I will be taking an indefinite break from this cool little gig. But before I post the reasons why, here's a quick list of what makes it … Continue reading Background Break

Good and Bad News

First, the bad. I got yet another rejection letter today from another potential employer. I'm beginning to think I've got the plague or something. Maybe it's because I'm not shifty enough to be a car salesman (which was the job I applied for) but meh, I'm still out there trying for anything. With just a … Continue reading Good and Bad News