Bargain Hunting

Ann and I made our first trip to Target yesterday to see what was left of their Christmas stuff. There wasn’t much left, but when you take into consideration that it was all marked down to 75% off, I guess you can’t really expect much. 

But oh, I did score a few goodies worth mentioning. 

First off, Ray-O-Vac batteries were marked down to a mere .25 cents a pack (AA and AAA 4-packs; C and D 2-packs). I bought as many as I deemed neccesary since not only were the prices just insane, you can never have too few batteries. This is especially true with a kid in the house. So not only do all of my Maglites now have a fresh set of cells and I’ve got a few packs in reserve, I also have enough AAs to power my Wii and Xbox controllers until [insert appropriate deity here]-knows-when. 

Wait, there’s more! 

While wandering the Electronics Department I came across something that made me do a double-take. Check it out:


That there is a clearance sidecap filled with Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Aerosmith bundles. I thought meh, they’re probably still at least sixty bucks for them. I checked out the clearance price tag and one read $24.98.

That had to be wrong…right? I grabbed both and took them over to the price scanner which verified that the price was indeed $24.98 each. For the bundle with wireless controllers. $50 if I bought both. Holy shit.

Not too bad when you consider this:


The games alone were still being sold for $49.99 each. Pretty strange stuff if you ask me. Needless to say, I ended up taking both bundles home since hell, wouldn’t you? Besides, I needed new controllers since my Rock Band guitar is toasted and my Guitar Hero II is holding up but…come on! A wireless controller!

By the way, I went back to that store tonight for more D batteries but they were all gone–as were the game bundles, which I’m sure ended up on eBay.

Either way, I’m rockin’ out tonight. So if you hear a really bad voice signing Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” coming from the direction of California, it’s probably me.

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Crackdown, Anyone?

Here’s an endcap at my local Target store filled with copies of “Crackdown” for the XBOX 360.

Anybody want one? There are just a few left!


UPDATE 3/16/08: Note that the image above was taken on 3/05/08. I went back today and the endcap looks just about the same, but the price is now $14.98.