Crackdown, Anyone?

Here’s an endcap at my local Target store filled with copies of “Crackdown” for the XBOX 360.

Anybody want one? There are just a few left!


UPDATE 3/16/08: Note that the image above was taken on 3/05/08. I went back today and the endcap looks just about the same, but the price is now $14.98.


4 thoughts on “Crackdown, Anyone?

  1. That’s crazy. What were they thinking in stocking all those in the first place? When I used to work at Target, there was never a game with that many copies.


  2. That’s what I can’t figure out. The display cases only hold so many games; why so many of these? When I worked there about the only items we received in such quantities were those on ad for the Dollar Sale–Pringles, assorted candies, etc.

    But a video game? That’s just ridiculous.


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