Happy Holidays!

Ah, the holidays always bring out the “best” in everybody.

We made a quick stop at our local Dollar Tree for some stuff we needed. As usual, we ended up with more than we had come for and spent much more than the name of the store implies.

Anyway, at checkout, there was a guy arguing with the cashier about his lost receipt. Apparently he was trying to show her that he was overcharged for the Thanksgiving card he just bought.

At Dollar Tree. Three days after Thanksgiving.

The cashier continued to ring up the customer in front of us while she tried explaining the cost of the card, with tax, to the other guy. But he wasn’t hearing any of it, and he just kept arguing.

It was going nowhere and I had had enough.

“Hey man, if I give you $1, will you shut up?”

Mind. Blown. The dollar would have covered twice the cost of what he was arguing about. But he insisted on getting his proper discount. Not only that, he then got pissed that I got involved and called me an asshole in front of my family.

I smiled and turned to Ann.

“Reminds me of our neighbor — an angry drunk.” Then I looked at him, still smiling.

“Happy holidays, sir. And Happy Thanksgiving.” He didn’t know what to say and by then the manager had come over to smooth things out with him. And Thanksgiving had long passed, so in your face, Tipsy McStagger.

Look, I don’t normally get involved in petty shit like this but dude was being a complete jerk to the Dollar Tree employees, none of whom make diddly-squat at that job and none of whom should have to deal with bullshit from people like this any time of year.

But at the holidays, the number of idiots increases exponentially. Come on, dude. Dollar Tree. You’re arguing over a lost receipt and fifty cents at FREAKING DOLLAR TREE.

So I had to say something. And in the end, I didn’t offer him the dollar because that would be better spent elsewhere.

Like on these killer candles!


So to all of the employees at my local Dollar Tree, I’m sorry you had to deal with the moron. But I’m not sorry for saying something in your defense.

Because I’ve been there. It’s not pretty.

And now you have a story to tell when you get home.


My Spotify Christmas Playlist

I’m taking a break from my evening job searching and doing something a little fun instead.

I’m putting together a Spotify Christmas Playlist and you, gentle readers, can listen to it by clicking on a song below (provided you have Spotify).

At this point I’m up to 35 songs but many more will be coming. It’s definitely an eclectic mix of genres and songs which, if you know me, isn’t that out of the ordinary. It also includes “When Christmas Comes to Town” from The Polar Express which pretty much turns me to mush every time I hear it. You can read more about it here.

So sit back, download Spotify if you haven’t yet, and enjoy!

Happy Black Friday, Suckers!

I know there’s no lyrical correlation with today but I can’t think of a better day to post this video.

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas 2006

santa 2006 hi-res

What happened to my little man?

If I Knew It Was This Easy…

The list of Anthony’s Christmas gifts was pretty extensive this year:

    • An Android tablet
    • Nintendo DSi XL Mario Kart bundle
    • Telescope
    • A pair of spy glasses that captures video and still images
    • Remote control car
    • Lots of clothes (which he was thrilled beyond belief to receive)
    • Angry Birds stuff that ranged from school supplies to clothing
    • Kinectimals game for Xbox 360
    003 lores

    Anthony takes Steve the Cat for a ride

    And even with all of that, what do you think he favors playing with the most?

    An empty cardboard box converted into an airplane with the tool set we got him. The “propeller” is an old toy he’s had since he was around 3 years old (he’s almost 8 now).

    I think my shopping list for Christmas 2012 is already done.

    I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I don’t go back to work until January 3rd which is cool because I’ve been fighting a cold or something and it just won’t go away. Kind of sucks to have this happen over my vacation but I’m doing my best to get better; I’m just extremely run down at the moment.

    By the way, this is the first time I think I’ve mentioned Steve the Cat, who we adopted after we put Ozzie to sleep earlier in the year. His original name was Tommy but it just didn’t seem to work for me. One day I just blurted out “Steve, knock that off!” and it stuck.

    So welcome to our lives, Steve the Cat. You don’t know what you’re in for 🙂