The Days of Wine and COVID, Part I: Black Friday

So I found this five-leaf clover...

2013: My Year In Review

Since this is a personal blog, I figured that instead of writing a year-end review about other things, it would be better suited for me to give a year-end review of things that actually happened in my life. It’s much easier to do something like this now since chances are I captured those moments with … Continue reading 2013: My Year In Review

“Better Times Lie Ahead”

“Better times lie ahead.” That’s a quote from an Android dev whom I emailed regarding an app they created. I donated a few dollars since I use the app all the time and said that I would give more if I could but unemployment sort of prevents me. He truly deserved my donation since the … Continue reading “Better Times Lie Ahead”

It Ain’t Happening

It’s been exactly one month since my former employer gave me the ol’ boot on the ass due to budget cuts. And since then, I’ve been in touch with a former coworker who continues to give me a rundown of what’s going on which mostly surrounds my abrupt and, what many deem unnecessary, layoff. I’ve … Continue reading It Ain’t Happening

And That’s How It Ended

It seems like I write these posts all too often and when I do, they always seem to bring me down. This is the one time that I refuse to do that. It was at about 2:45 pm on Friday when I saw one of the ladies from my staffing agency/employer walk in the building. … Continue reading And That’s How It Ended