Going Metro Pays Off!

Anybody that reads this blog on a regular basis knows that for as much as I praise the benefits of riding Los Angeles' MTA light rail system, I have just as many complaints. Today's entry definitely falls under the former. An e-mail was sent to everybody here in the office this morning and man, I … Continue reading Going Metro Pays Off!

Downsizing, Part Deux

The nice thing about buying a car from CarMax is that if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 5 days--no questions asked. If it turns out you don't like the color, the radio, anything...just take it back and exchange it for something else. Under our neighbor's advice, I drove the … Continue reading Downsizing, Part Deux


Yesterday morning I took a good, long look at my `06 Ford Explorer. That night I traded it in. With gas prices creeping closer to the unthinkable $4 per gallon price range, I decided that it was no longer practical to drive a vehicle that gets less than 13 miles per gallon and, for the … Continue reading Downsizing