Going Metro Pays Off!

Anybody that reads this blog on a regular basis knows that for as much as I praise the benefits of riding Los Angeles’ MTA light rail system, I have just as many complaints.

Today’s entry definitely falls under the former.

An e-mail was sent to everybody here in the office this morning and man, I think I did the most joyous “rock on” gesture that I can ever recall.

Basically what it came down to was, with gas prices going nowhere but up, the company had decided to reward those who take the train to work by reimbursing them the cost of MTA’s Monthly Pass, or $62. There are, of course, a few quid pro quos:

  • You must commit to riding the train at least 75% of the time
  • Your parking card must be deactivated and should you drive to work, you must have the hourly rate card validated
  • Submit proof of purchase/receipt by specific date

So in addition to the gas money I’m saving by taking the train to work*, I now get an extra $62 back on my paycheck–completely nontaxable.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, people! This effing ROCKS!

*I will be filling up today for the first time in over two weeks!

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