OC Fair 5k Fun Run

On Sunday I ran in the Orange County Fair 5k Fun Run, the first time I’d participated in the event. I had honestly forgotten about this one until I saw it being advertised in an email I got from Active.com so I figured I might as well go for it. Much like the WetNWild 5k, … Continue reading OC Fair 5k Fun Run

Fun on the 405

You see that map (click to enlarge) to the left? That there is my daily commute to work and although it’s only Tuesday, I’m about ready to start riding my bike there. Why? Pretty simple. The people who take the 405 at the same time I do all suck eggs. They’re a bunch of moronic … Continue reading Fun on the 405

Six Years of Nonsense

Can you believe that I've been pecking away at this keyboard for six years already? Well, not continuously, of course. I'd have serious ass problems if I did that. But you get the idea. Wait, let me rephrase that. Can you believe that I started blogging six years ago today? Yes, it was on this … Continue reading Six Years of Nonsense

Saturday Review

Alright, it's 11:15 p.m., the Dodgers just reduced their Magic Number to 5, and I'm not quite tired yet. So here we go. As promised, we spent the morning at South Coast Plaza to buy Tony a toy for completing the school week on a positive note. In particular, we went to a store called … Continue reading Saturday Review

The Weekend

I'm writing this post at the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station. Wait, here comes my train. *fights away a few people* Okay, on the train. Anyhow, the weekend is here again and it looks like we've got nothing planned beyond a trip to South Coast Plaza, one of Orange County's more upscale malls (next to … Continue reading The Weekend