Blogging 365, Day 65: Wordless Wednesday: Watch Where You Whiz

Blogging 365, Day 37: Wordless Wednesday: Coolest. Trashcan. Ever.

As seen at the driving range.

Another 5k Done!

I ran the Wet&Wild 5k this morning and it was a fun event. Here are a few pictures. The course. Waiting to start. Yes, I wore my Kings sweater! Hence the name Wet & Wild 5k. If you don't go through the water, you must take the Walk of Shame and your time is not … Continue reading Another 5k Done!



As the photo above clearly indicates, I’ve been taking photos since the days when shooting with film was the norm. The camera you see above was my Christmas present from 1986 and it still works. I also worked in my share of photo labs as well as processed my own black-and-white film at home (although … Continue reading Instagram

Sunday’s Activities

In addition to randomly coming across an Indy car in a parking lot on Sunday, here are a few other things we did along with even more pictures. We love thrift shops and in particular, a chain called Savers. There used to be a few of them locally but unfortunately, they both closed so now … Continue reading Sunday’s Activities