Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus V for $10 at Target on Black Friday — Sort Of

If you're in the market for either an 8GB iPod touch with iOS 5 or a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V, or if you just want to buy someone something really spiffy this year, the folks at Target are aiming to make your wishes come true on Black Friday. Provided things go as planned or … Continue reading Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus V for $10 at Target on Black Friday — Sort Of

Customer Service is Dead

With jobs being sent overseas to Indian call centers, I know that’s a rather redundant statement but after experiencing a plethora of customer service adventures within the last week, I’ll gladly make this declaration once again. Customer service is DOA. Dead, kaput, ceases to exist, etc. Now you would think that, given the weak economy … Continue reading Customer Service is Dead

Review: LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile

I'm making this post a Sticky again. Watch for constant UPDATES when I decide to post something new or am corrected on something. Thanks! LATEST UPDATES 2/12/11: Now includes sample video (bottom of post, fixed) 2/14/11: Widgets (below Apps section) 2/15/11: Should you pick one up and you like what I've put together here, enter … Continue reading Review: LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile

Doesn’t Suit Me

I had registered for a local career fair on the day that Learning Tree decided that I was a leafless branch that needed to be cut. In preparation for the event, I used up most of the credit I had on my Wal-Mart card to buy a new outfit, one that I could readily use … Continue reading Doesn’t Suit Me


After dropping off The Kid at school today, I ventured outside my hole to see what was happening in the job world around me. What did I learn? I learned that things are bad when even Target doesn't want you. Fucking Target, for Chrissakes. More in a bit. But my first stop today wasn't at … Continue reading Denied