033_targetAfter dropping off The Kid at school today, I ventured outside my hole to see what was happening in the job world around me.

What did I learn? I learned that things are bad when even Target doesn’t want you. Fucking Target, for Chrissakes. More in a bit.

But my first stop today wasn’t at a potential employer. Rather, it was to my local GameStop where I sold my Nintendo DS which, quite honestly, hasn’t been doing much of anything but collecting dust bunnies for a few years. I figured since I wasn’t using the thing I might as well get rid of it. (And besides, Ann still has hers if the mood to play one ever strikes me.)

Here’s where another does of reality kicked me in the nads.

After the sub-adult behind the counter entered all of my information in the computer, inspected the unit and took my thumbprint, I was given a quote for my DS: $32 USD cash or, if I wanted to get 20% more, opt for store credit. What a punch in the gut that was but because I don’t intend on buying any games in the immediate future, I shamefully accepted the cash and used $20 of it to fill my gas tank.

From there, this former proofreader/writer made his way to Papa John’s for an application. I will fill it out and return it tomorrow. Just about a mile north is my former place of employment, Target. I worked there from 1991-1993 before I left to become a Wal-Martian, where I was promoted from hourly to Photo Lab Manager after six months.

I walked in and headed for the Guest Service counter, waited my turn, and asked for an application.

The girl that helped me told me that they don’t have paper applications but instead, job seekers could use the kiosk around the corner to apply for a position. Upon given those instructions, the other woman behind the counter intervened.

“Oh, we’re not hiring right now,” she said matter-of-factly.

“But he can still submit an application,” the first girl said.

“I know, but we’re not not hiring right now.” She held up and pointed to some Excel worksheet that made more sense to her than it did to me and continued to explain. “You can fill out an application but there are no openings. We will start calling people in June, maybe.”

While she was pontificating about the store not hiring, I began to angrily yet calmly protest.

“Okay, fine,” I said as I started to make my way to the door, waving all the way. “Thank you. Okay. Fine. Great. Thanks.” I left without bothering to apply–what would be the point?

You know, in these fucked-up times we live in, it’s one thing to know that your company is not hiring but to throw it in the face of somebody–a former Target employee, no less–was about the lowest you could get. Seriously, a week ago I was making at least three times what Guest Service Lady is, and here I am trying to get a glimmer of hope with something and instead I leave a bloodied pulp.

Welcome to 2009, I guess.

If it’s any consolation, I also got an assload of paperwork from EDD today, including my weekly unemployment benefit estimate. Hopefully my severance pay will be coming soon so I can have that little bit of security as well. Until then, I’m still wandering aimlessly and hoping for the best.

On the schedule tomorrow: a local career fair. Hopefully it will be worth the effort. It better be–I’m wearing a damned tie, and that only happens when someone gets married or dies. After that, I intend to come home and seriously consider some kind of home-based business. I have no idea what kind but as I was telling Ann, I’ve had some time to think during this first week of being a jobless slob in which I feel like a total fuck-up. What it came down to was this: opportunities to do your own thing don’t present themselves very often. And right now, I have more than enough time to figure something out.

I’m outta here. Lots of paperwork to fill out and applications to submit (online).

By the way, no callbacks for anything as of today’s post. Fantastic.

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4 thoughts on “Denied

  1. What a rough, sucky day. Good luck at the Career Fair.

    I think you should market yourself as a professional social media expert. That is, a guy who freelances as a company’s blogger/Facebook guy. A professional freelance social media expert!

    It sounds dumb, yes, but these blogs are a big deal now for the suits. Unfortunately, nobody has time to write’em.

    So you blog as Dave on Spacely’s Sprockets site about how they love the community, the great new eco-conscious line of sprockets, etc. Then you blog as DM on Tessie’s Temp workers site on innovative changes to the office environment in the 21st century.

    Just a thought. πŸ™‚


    1. Your idea is intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!

      Actually, it is. I’ll look into that and I hope any potential leads don’t mind those little “sentence enhancers” I used so frequently in this post. Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚


  2. Your blog is hilarious! I think it’s wise to consider the “do your own thing” thing as the opportunity of a lifetime. We unemployeds are quite an intelligent and ambitious bunch, and if we can get ourselves out of the wage-slave (or salary-slave) rat race for good, to start and run our own ventures, it will be profitable for ourselves and for the society at large once the economy recovers. I mean, without innovation, we’d all be looking at Tar-Wal-K-Mart jobs for the rest of our lives.


    1. Thanks for the compliment and for adding my link! I’ve been getting into your blog as well because, you know, I’ve had time to πŸ™‚ Will add a link to yours when I post tonight’s thoughts.

      I hear what you mean about doing your own thing. That realization hit me today when I arrived at the job fair, the rest of which you’ll read about tonight. I guarantee it’ll be a hoot!


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