XM, there's something I think you should know. I don't think I'll be needing you anymore. It's just one of those things. I'm sure you'll understand.* We decided to pull the plug on both our XM radio subscriptions after much debate. Okay, it was more like a matter of I-don't-have-a-job-and-really-don't-need-to-pay-for-radio-anymore. While that was the first and foremost … Continue reading XM-Less


If there's one thing I dig about Wednesdays it's the fact that I get to listen to Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour on XMX Channel 2, home of their exclusive programming, on my merry way to work. It's one of the few reasons I have XM because Dylan spins some incredible tunes in that … Continue reading SIRIUS + XM = WTF?


This weekend I was starting to get calls regarding the delinquency--the lofty amount of $8 USD--of my XM Radio account. Apparently Ann had forgotten to send the full amount or something. At any rate, it pissed me off. I'd been a loyal customer for years and now they want to start pegging me for a … Continue reading $8

Downloadin’ Fool

I love my Pioneer Inno XM radio/MP3 player. I take it everywhere I go: train, work, car, etc. It just works the way it should. Part of the reason I love it is because I can record stuff from live broadcasts and with the variety of music played, especially on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio … Continue reading Downloadin’ Fool