Blogging 365, Day 72: Hugh Jaynis

I watch the KTLA Morning News daily so I can get a quick rundown on the day’s top stories as well as the current traffic report. I know those guys love to have a good time while at work but today they had a little too much fun as this video will clearly show. When … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 72: Hugh Jaynis


Welcome Home, Endeavour

It’s been quite an amazing year in terms of astronomy and things related to the subject. So far this year, we’ve witnessed a handful of events including the Super Moon, a solar eclipse, and the Venus transit. We also witnessed the Perseid Meteor Shower which was indeed amazing but because I couldn’t provide photographic evidence … Continue reading Welcome Home, Endeavour

Saying Goodbye to 2011’s Most Annoying Things

I’ve made my list, checked it twice, and am fairly certain it’s complete. Said list is composed of hot topics in 2011 that gained much, much more attention that I honestly felt they deserved – so much attention that they need to be forgotten and never spoken of ever again. I now present them to … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to 2011’s Most Annoying Things

Netflix Changes Pricing and Plans

Well, has it been an eventful week or what? In addition to being a Virgin Mobile customer and getting the news of an eventual price increase on monthly Beyond Talk plans, I’m also a Netflix customer and wasn’t all that happy to see this nifty e-mail in my wife’s inbox: Yup. If we want to continue … Continue reading Netflix Changes Pricing and Plans

From the Archives, Part Deux

Today's entry is a multimedia extravaganza! I got an e-mail last night from reader Jon--yes, I actually have readers--who had left a comment on this entry from 2005 regarding the availability of an MP3 file I had posted. The file in question was a commercial parody for New York Telephone, a profanity-laden spoof that I had … Continue reading From the Archives, Part Deux