Ignignokt and Err’s Day in the Sun

Behold! The “suspicious packages” found around Boston!

This is an unbearable strain...

Being a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I thought it was funny as hell when I found out what the “suspicious packages” really were. In fact, I almost shot soda through my nose when I saw the video clip on Fox News:

Now bow your heads and pretend to be serious

But I can’t help but imagine what the common clave might have thought when they saw these Lite Brite-insipred promotional items glowing in the dark of night. And, once they found out what this was all about, their reaction to the show should they decide to watch it. ATHF is definitely not for the garlic-eating American Idol crowd.

See close-ups of the lighted dealies here.

In the words of Ignignokt himself, “The innocents shall suffer—big time.”


(Special thanks to Farker toonz for use of the header graphic)