1/31/07: Never Forget Graphic

In the wake of all this madness that happened in Boston a few days ago, one clever Farker by the username of toonz created a spiffy graphic to commemorate the event which only seemed to cause a stir in that city–and weeks after the lighted devices were placed.

The graphic became such a hit that supporters of the suspects waited outside the court room holding them:

Never Forget!

I asked toonz if he would mind if I used the graphic for a new header. The answer was yes and it was done. Later that day, people began to use the graphic at CafePress.

But look at that sample. It looks like total crap that is simply being offered by an opportunitsic bastard that a) probably has ever visited Fark and b) knows little about Photoshop since the graphic is so miniscule.

And that kinda pissed me off.

So I took the graphic into Photoshop, proportioned it to fit a 4×6 template at 300 dpi, printed it on a 4×6 Canon dye-sublimation printer and attached it to a piece of magnetic backing. The result can be seen here (crappy phone-cam image).

Since posting that image on Fark, many have asked for instructions on how to do it. Well, if you just follow the instructions above you’ll be fine. And since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll even post the resized images:

>> Horizontal (290k)
>> Vertical (300k)

Note that these are watermarked with the Fark logo since that’s where it first appeared. It’s only fair, really.

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