Well, Duh!

I went downstairs, camera in hand, to shoot some of the CSI: Miami filming. That would have been real cool–if they were shooting today.

I went back and read the e-mail just a second ago:

“…will be closed on Thursday, March 29th for the filming of a scene from CSI Miami.”

So yeah, I’m an idiot.

Three Years Ago…

Three years ago today, my life changed–forever.

For it was on this day, at 10:47 am, that out son entered this world. And being a father has been everything I’ve expected and more: challenging, fun, frustrating, joyous. It’s been an amazing three years and I look forward to many, many more.

Camping trips, ballgames, everything I missed out on with my father is on the Slate of Life for us. And I can’t wait.

Happy Birthday, Tony. Mommy and Daddy love you 🙂

Real Quick-Like

Here’s an open letter to the guys that work in the suite next to ours. Well, it’s more of a simple two-word advice column.

1. Flush
2. Wash

Seriously, man. It’s disgusting if you don’t.

They’re Following Me…

A few posts back I mentioned how I thought the crew of CSI: Miami was following me since they always seem to be around either my home of place of employment.

Well, today I got word that they are going to be filming in front of my building tomorrow, the same location where the Standoff shoot took place. So if you watch either show and notice the same building, that’s why.

Pics, of course, are forthcoming. And since I’ve been in the market for one, I may even buy a new digital camera tonight and give it a test-run tomorrow. But who knows. I may just stick with ol’ reliable for this shoot and buy something over the weekend. I got yet another spiffy e-mail from Micro Center and they are having a great sale this weekend.

And notice the new tag at the bottom. It was only a matter of time.

‘Scuse Me?

About a month ago, I bought a Coby 40GB PMP to keep Tony entertained during long road trips or whatever. So far, it seems to be doing the trick and he loves it. (I currently have Cars and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie copied to it.) And when he’s not using it, I can, so it works out great.

Anyway, we went to Sam’s Club on Friday to buy whatever we needed for a party we were having on Saturday. (What, you never got an invitation? My bad.) I had brought along the Coby media player to keep Tony occupied while we shopped. And yes, it did the trick.

Our first stop was the snack bar since the place gets rather busy after 12 pm. We timed it just right—the line was short and we didn’t wait long.

We packed the cart with our items and headed for the checkout lanes which, like Costco’s, are always long and move slowly since people tend to buy bulk quantities at either place. Either is not exactly where you need to go if you’re buying a bottle of cheap booze and a loaf of bread—like the lush who got in line behind us.

As she mumbled in her cigarette-ravaged, Lucille Ball voice to her male counterpart about how long the lines were and how slow they were moving, she glanced at Tony who was watching Cars on the media player with the same intensity he displays at home.

There was a brief moment of silence once she noticed him and then she sputtered sotto voce, “That kid has a f***ing DVD player.”

‘Scuse me, “lady”? Jealous much? Bitter? Maybe it was a little of both, you presumably childless, haggard galley wench? And why was there a need to cuss within earshot of a child? I don’t know what business it was of hers or why she even bothered to say it but I had to correct the drunkard, especially since she probably didn’t think I heard her.

“Um, it’s actually my 40-gigabyte multimedia player,” I turned to her and said.

“Yeah, IT professionals don’t use portable DVD players,” Ann smirked and added. She should know—she has a BSIT.

“Oh,” the rummy said, no doubt feeling defeated and embarrassed. I glanced at her and Swishy Male Partner as they chose to switch lines after the exchange.

As we were leaving, we saw the two in a longer-than-we’ve-ever-seen line at the snack bar, a line that was not moving. At all.

We smiled and kept walking to the exit. Tony let out a cheer and clapped as Lightning McQueen pushed The King cross the finish line.