“Play It Again…”

If you don’t know who Dr. Gene Scott (1925–2005) was, let me fill you in.

He was a TV preacher. He was nuts. He was entertaining.

So entertaining was his weekly show that my brother and I would watch it, and forgive the pun, religiously. We never quite understood what he was talking about, what with those chalkboards covered in nonsensical scribbles and drawings. No, his message of Jesus never quite got through to us.

But what kept us coming back was the sideshow and Scott’s never-ending pursuit to get people to call.

In particular, there’s this sideshow gem of a video called “I Wanna Know” by The Statesmen (right-click and “Save As…”). This pre-recorded performance would be played any number of times during Scott’s weekly broadcast and for some reason, never got old.

I Wanna Know...

“Play it again,” Dr. Scott would mumble after the video ended. Sometimes he would just wave his hand in a circular motion indicating a repeat of the song. And besides, it’s an awfully catchy tune. I recently found an MP3 of the song and plan to turn it into a ringtone. (I’m still looking for the opening song for his show, presumably called “I Don’t Like It.” Let me know if you find it!)

Another insane performance was Jake Hess’ “Take Me to the Water” (right-click and “Save As…”) Just give it a look and you’ll see why.

To some, the Scott’s preachings were deep and meaningful. To my brother and I, his weekly broadcasts achieved cult status and were a fantastic way to kill some time. And trust me, we weren’t the only ones.

Need more proof? Check out what YouTube has to offer. Of particular interest is the FCC Monkey Band. You had to be there, let me tell you.

Thanks to The Daffy Net for the videos!