This Was Not the Morning I Envisioned

It’s believed –in Britain at least – that if the words “Rabbit rabbit rabbit” are the first words you speak on the first day of the month, you are ensured good luck during the rest of it.

Let’s just say I don’t live in Britain.

For on this first day of July, those were the exact words I blurted as I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to change so that me and the family could hit the road for a little bike ride. And it was indeed a good ride down the San Gabriel River Trail and into the local park where I parted ways with the family so that I could head down to the beach, my usual destination when I ride 20 miles. The trail was recently repaved and makes for a most excellent ride.

When I arrived at the beach, I sat and drank a bottle of water, took a moment to catch my breath, sent Ann a text to let her know I was heading back, and made my way onto the bike path again. So far, so good.

I was averaging about 16.5 MPH on the way back and felt great. I couldn’t recall the last time I had such speed consistently. As I approached the bridge that crosses over to the other side of the path, I saw a few oncoming riders and figured I had enough time to make my left turn in front of them and onto the bridge to safely cross.

That’s when I really realized I wasn’t British.

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“You Write Like a Girl”

Now what the Hell is that supposed to mean? I’m not talking about my style of writing (or voice) here or otherwise, but rather the way in which I actually put pen to paper.

I guess having legible penmanship was something that would only come natural to me. As a creative person, one that was interested in various forms of expression all of his life, I was always well aware of the importance of clarity in the message I wanted to convey. (You wouldn’t think so with the quality of some of my crap posts here.) Even before I took a drafting course in high school, I was already getting compliments from people about my penmanship, probably because I also used to do a lot of calligraphy when I was younger.

“You write like a girl,” they’d say. “I mean, guys don’t normally have such good penmanship.”

Um, okay. But allow me to even the scales by saying that I’ve seen my share of women with absolutely horrific writing skills, some of whom I work with–and one of whom is my own wife!

No, my writing is definitely not Palmer Method. (My mother-in-law will put you anyone to absolute shame in that category.) In fact I never write in cursive because I can barely read it myself. But I have four different styles in which I do write*:

  • Initial caps
  • Initial caps in italics
  • Upper and lower case
  • Upper and lower case in italics

While my norm for years was initial caps, once I became a straight proofreader I decided to ditch that style (at work at least) for upper and lower case in order to make things even clearer when marking proofs. That’s a case when, despite proofer’s marks, upper and lower case letters could definitely have an impact or could raise rhetorical questions. And when time is of the essence, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of dropping everything to ask a million questions.

The only reason I chose to bring this up tonight is because, as you can probably guess, I got yet another compliment from a woman at work about my penmanship. And in the days of e-mail, texting, and other forms of communication that don’t require using a writing instrument or paper, I’m afraid that the fine art of good penmanship will eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

But as long as I can write clearly, I’m pleased to say that I won’t be one of those contributing to its eventual demise.

* I’m avoiding posting samples. I’ve had enough bad luck with people pretending to be me lately.

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What A Dick Looks Like

Okay, fine. You got me.

Each time I log in to WordPress I see the search terms that people used to find my blog. For some reason or another, there are some out there that come across this blog by searching for the term “what a dick looks like” or some kind of variant of the term. It’s probably because of this post.

If you’re the adventurous type and absolutely must know what a dick looks like, apparently because you know not how to turn off “Safe Search” mode in Google, then by all means click on the link below.

Note: this is not for the squeamish.

I now present a bunch of pictures of dicks. Read on if you dare.

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Company D

This is NOT the Disney Cast Member store. Nothing to see here. Move along.

(Actually, it is.)

UPDATED 10 pm: I forgot my glasses at work on Friday so don’t expect any other posts this weekend. Eyes no function glasses well without.

Riding Autopia!

Me and The Kid risk the lives of fellow Autopia drivers by posing for a cell-photograph.

UDPATED 8-26-07 

We once again got there at opening to avoid the crowds. It was a long day since we woke up at 6am (!). That aside, a good time was had by all.

Some highlights from today…

Haunted Mansion: Still not scary after 38 years but a favorite.

Pirates of the Caribbean: I don’t know what the fuss was about the integration of Jack Sparrow in the attraction. He looks too “real” when compared to the other pirates, all of whom possess that classic Disney look. But it was The Kid’s first time and he dug it!

Autopia: See picture above.

Star Tours: The film is still grainy, that lady on the video still looks like she’s from 1984, and the pilot’s awful jokes are still hard to swallow. But I still love it.

And I finally got a new picture of my two most favorite people to put on my desk:

We also plan on doing the Character Breakfast again since we had such a good time the first time.

Off to bed!